Why is the Zunia platform being built in the Cloud?

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There are many significant benefits in building Zunia nativelly in the cloud. There is a lot that has been written about the benefit of cloud-based applications. This article (LINK – https://aws.amazon.com/what-is-cloud-computing/) by AWS provides a neat summary of the benefits. In brief, Cloud hosting allows your school to benefit from the highest levels of security without having to invest heavily in infrastructure, and without compromising accessibility; Users can securely access their data from anywhere without putting pressure on your network.

Your data will remain safely stored in Australia. Zunia is being built with all the current cloud-first technologies which will allow it to scale with your school’s or organisation’s needs, adopt new technologies as they arise, and continually adapt to changes in society. The Cloud frees your school from the overhead of managing server storage, memory and CPU resources. System and software updates are also automatically taken care of. There is no additional overhead for redundancy, or disaster recovery.

Next What level of security do you offer if we store our data on the cloud? Will we be subject to hackers and system failures?

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