In the last year, the Education Horizons team has been working to develop Zunia, our next-generation cloud-native Student Information Platform.

We started 2021 with an industry-leading tech foundation – based on a micro-services architecture that makes it easier, faster and less disruptive to deliver new features and updates.

We used our 40 years of experience to make sure schools can capture the most essential student information, including:

  • Complex personal and family details
  • Medical information
  • Wellbeing
  • Attendance, and
  • Academic progress
work colleagues collaborating on a project

We developed a system administration model that makes it a joy for school managers to set up Zunia, localise fields for each school community and securely control permissions and access.

The team have also built a “30-days to Value” onboarding and data migration model, smoothing the transition for new schools to Zunia.

This year we began working with our 3 pilot schools to gather real-time feedback as part of our agile development process. Through this work we conducted extensive research to reshape Zunia’s navigation, making it easier for new users to complete essential tasks first time.

More recently we’ve added the capability to quickly view each student’s information on the go and trigger two-way communications with parents and other community members. We’ve also been building out Zunia’s reporting capability, with a rapidly growing list of options for schools.

Zunia’s integration capability is ready to give schools maximum choice in third party applications without sacrificing the single source of truth capability of the Zunia platform. Our team have built out an API layer that allows full Create, Read, Update and Delete capability where Zunia is either the “parent” (data source) or the “child” (data recipient) in the integration relationship.

We’ve also laid strong foundations for Zunia’s finance capability, including integration with Xero. The team are driving hard to complete a granular school fees and charges billing and invoicing capability within Zunia, reflecting the complex nature of family payments in the education sector.

All this work, and so much more, continues in 2022.

If you’d like to be a part of this journey and help shape Zunia for your school needs,

register to attend one of our webinar briefing sessions or book a demo with our team – and see if your school is ready for Zunia in 2022.