About Zunia

Schools are increasingly reliant on data insights to help them provide the best education they can for their students, to ensure student wellbeing and the efficient running of the school. Unfortunately, data is often spread across different systems, which can make it very difficult to see the bigger picture.

We saw the need to create a single platform from which a school can get real-time insights into everything that’s happening, access to the depth of information required to best support their students and school community, and the tools to act on these insights.

Tools to support your school

Zunia gives you the tools to support Student Management, Wellbeing, Teaching and Learning, Student and Community Engagement, and Finance at your school.

Built from the ground up

The platform was built from the ground up using the most secure and robust technologies available in order to ensure the highest levels of security for your data, and the performance and reliability you should expect from an education management system on which you depend.

Building on 40 years of knowledge and expertise

Zunia brings together the best facets of the Education Horizons’ proven solutions, including Synergetic and SEQTA, in a modern and intuitive interface.

By giving schools access to the tools and information required to make better-informed decisions, when it matters most, Zunia allows you to focus on the core business of education.


Education as you imagined.