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Zunia is the Student Information platform connecting your Educators, Leadership, Administrators, Students and Parents with everything that happens at your school.

One Student Information Platform

Your single source of truth driving School Management, Finance and Student Learning – with all your essential information at your finger-tips.

Easy Compliance Reporting

Quickly map fields, create and download reports including student residential reports, Naplan and student attendance statistics.

Fast implementation

Zunia’s intuitive design and SaaS deployment model means your team is up and running faster.

Open API layer for seamless integrations

Build your ecosystem around the Zunia student information platform.

Great support when you need it

Our team is here to provide you with personalized and outstanding service. We also offer a range of self-learning tools in our Support Centre.

School Management

Zunia allows you to capture and have visibility across a wealth of information related to your students, staff and school community, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to best support, nurture and engage them.

The user-friendly interface was designed to fully support modern societal requirements, including non-binary gender, sensitive custodial and legal information, complex family relationships, and individual communication and billing preferences for each parent or caregiver.


Zunia is the single system from which educators can access all the live data and insights relating to a student, allowing them to make informed decisions when they matter most.

Without having to piece together information from multiple systems, Deputy Principals, Heads of School, Curriculum Coordinators and Teachers can gain insights into academic progress, attendance and wellbeing, communicate with students, parents and other staff members, and generally access the data that allows them to adopt a consistent approach to best-practice pedagogy across the school.


With privacy and data security compliance requirements more stringent than ever, and the education sector accounting for 18% of all Australian cyber attacks in 2019, Zunia has been built in compliance with the most stringent data security standards from across the globe, including GDPR and ISO 27001 , on a cloud platform offering Government-certified levels of security.

Zunia has been built to scale with demand, ensuring consistent performance with virtually limitless storage and system resources. Having been built natively in the cloud, there is also no requirement for schools to perform system updates or maintenance.

By storing all data in a highly redundant data repository, Zunia significantly reduces the requirement for data aggregation, simplifies data compliance, and ensures low downtime.

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Zunia is the one learning and administration platform connecting your Educators, Leadership, Administrators, Students and Parents with everything that happens at your school.

Zunia is the newest member of the Education Horizons family, providing you with unparalleled visibility, flexibility and control for your school.